May 4, 2015

E.I. Appeal Update

The hearing date for the appeal to be heard by the Social Security Tribunal is scheduled for September 9, 10 and 11.  Final submissions to be submitted for the Union by June 30.


April 22, 2015

E.I Appeal Update

We have a pre-hearing teleconference with the E.I. Appeal General Division representative scheduled for April 29 to discuss and confirm:

1.  contact information

2.  receipt of appeal files

3.  identification of a lead files

4.  which appeals are joined under the proceedings

5.  pre-hearing submission of the facts and/or the possibility of agreement on the issues

6.  Verify if additional information or submissions are to be filed

7.  Verify if witnesses will be called

8.  determine approx. time required by each party at the hearing

9.  discuss anticipated number of attendees at the hearing

10. discuss hearing locations

11. discuss hearing dates and the availability of the parties


March 3, 2015

Social Security Tribunal E.I. Appeal Update

Shannon Horner, Mark Talbot and our consultant are currently reviewing the file and preparing for a hearing with the Social Security Tribunal General Division.  We have received the E.I. Docket from the commission with our submissions, the Company's submissions and the E.I. Commissions rationale on their initial disentitlement decision and the Reconsideration request decision.    There still has been no date set for the hearing with the Tribunal has not been set at this time.




Grievance Form Package

Here is a package to assist the steward body on the grievance procedure and process.  To view the guideline click on the link below

Grievance Kit



Family Services Employee Assistance Program

The intent of the program is to assist troubled employees in arranging for appropriate private outside resources.  If you have questions on the extent of assistance or require help please don't hesitate to call 1-800-668-9920 or for more information go to the website at and login, user name is ussc and password is steel.




September 18, 2013

Group Home and Car etc. Insurance for

For more Information Click Here



Your Guide to the Employment Standards Act.  To view Click Here

This will explain your rights under the act as it relates to Hours of Work, Pregnancy and Parental Leave, Family Medical Leave or Personal Emergency Leave etc.


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Local 8782 was first chartered in 1978.  We negotiate collective agreements for our members at U.S. Steel (former Stelco) Lake Erie Works, Pickling Division, Harsco Services, and ESM.  Since our members are directly employed in the Steel Industry, it is our responsibility to be involved in the fight to save the steel industry in Canada. For this reason we are launching this web site to communicate the latest developments that affect you.  

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