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Memorandum of Understanding Dated June 1, 2017

To view the changes ratified by the membership  to the August 30, 2013 Basic Agreement click here


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June 2, 2017

Results of the vote on the Basic Agreement as presented to the membership May 30 and 31.

The results of the vote for the LEW Main Plant was 86% in favour of the agreement.

The results of the vote for the LEW Pickling Plant was 89% in favour of the agreement.

The Highlights of the Basic Agreement can be viewed on the Local 8782 Collective Agreement page.


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May 31, 2017

Highlights of the Tentative Agreement presented at the May 30 and 31 meetings.

There was confusion regarding the vacation premium.  It had a hyphen in the text so people were asking if it was minus 20%.  The hyphen has been removed to avoid any further confusion as it is an additional 20%.

To view the highlights click here


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Statutory Holidays

Here is the best way to explain the Public (Statutory) Holiday.  We have copied the Public Holidays Employment Standards Act into a document you can click on and open below.   If you look at the areas that have been high lightened in yellow it will address the questions people ask.  If you look at Section 12 Statutory Holidays in the Basic Agreement it lays out how holidays will be paid to comply with the Act.  So when the Basic Agreement is ratified that addresses the issue where it refers to in the Employment Standards Act that the employee “can agree in writing”.

 Section 12 and Item 6 of the Basic Agreement has been pasted below it with highlights.
Item 6 amends issues when people are working 12 hour shifts.  So if you look at that it explains what a regular shift is defined as and why it is 8 hours stat pay when it falls on a scheduled day off or when working a scheduled shift on a Stat Holiday when on 12 hour shifts.  12 hours stat pay will be paid for a 12 hour scheduled shift that is "scheduled and not required".
To view the Employment Standards Act and relevant contract sections Click Here



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The Collective Agreement effective August 30, 2013

To view the Local 8782 Collective Agreement click here


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