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January 1, 2018

Information for Future Retirement and Existing Retirees

Superintendent Appoints Morneau Shepell as Administrator for Stelco Pension Plans

November 15, 2017


The Ontario Superintendent of Financial Services has appointed Morneau Shepell Ltd. to take over the continuing administration of Stelco’s five ongoing defined benefit pension plans, effective January 1, 2018.


The appointment of an administrator is one further step required for the successful restructuring of Stelco under the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA) and an important step in the continued effort to protect pension benefits.


The five pension plans are continuing, and monthly pension payments to retirees will continue without interruption. Morneau Shepell will be in contact with all plan members in the new year.


Stelco and Morneau Shepell will cooperate to ensure the transition of the administration of these pension plans is seamless and a high standard of service will be maintained. Further, as plan administrator, Morneau Shepell will work co-operatively with all stakeholders including Stelco, plan members, and their representatives to ensure commitments made to the pension plans in the restructuring are fulfilled.



As of January 1, 2018, members and retirees should direct their inquiries to:


Effective immediately, any plan members (both active and retired) that require information on their pensions must contact Morneau Shepell. Any
inquiries or updates for (address changes, deaths, retirement
requests, estimates, banking changes) will be directed to MS.



Morneau Shepell Ltd.
895 Don Mills Road, Tower 1
Toronto, Ontario, M3C 1W3

Toll-free at 1-844-650-2820



Morneau Shepell was selected through an open competitive tendering process, conducted in accordance with the requirements of the Ontario government’s procurement policies and reviewed by an independent fairness commissioner.


Quick Facts


bullet Stelco employees, pensioners and other creditors, including the Government of Ontario, approved Stelco’s restructuring plan.
bullet The affected pension plans provide defined benefit pensions for service up to December 31, 2017 for certain of Stelco’s employees, former employees and retirees.
bullet Members of the pension plans who are represented by the United Steelworkers will earn pension coverage for service accrued after 2017 under new defined benefit pension plans to be administered by Stelco; all other employees will be entitled to participate in Stelco’s Group RRSP for service after 2017.
bullet The five affected defined benefit plans are:
bullet The Stelco Inc. Retirement Plan for USW Local 8782 Members at Lake Erie Works, Registration No. 0698761 (“Lake Erie Bargaining Plan”);
bullet The Stelco Inc. Retirement Plan for Salaried Employees at Lake Erie Works, Registration No. 0698753 (“Lake Erie Salaried Plan”);
bullet The Stelco Inc. Retirement Plan for USW Local 1005 Members at Hamilton Works, Registration No. 0354878 (“Hamilton Bargaining Plan”);
bullet The Stelco Inc. Retirement Plan for Salaried Employees at Hamilton Works, Registration No. 0338509 (“Hamilton Salaried Plan”); and
bullet The Stelco Inc. Retirement Plan for Employees at the Pickle Line Department of Lake Erie Works, Registration No. 1206457 (the “Pickle Line Plan”).

Additional Resources


A Guide to Understanding Your Pension Plan


Pension Benefits Act [New Window]


About FSCO


FSCO's legislative mandate is to provide regulatory services that protect the public interest and enhance public confidence in the sectors it regulates. FSCO regulates the insurance sector; pension plans; loan and trust companies; credit unions and caisses populaires; the mortgage brokering sector; co-operative corporations in Ontario; and service providers who invoice auto insurers for statutory accident benefits claims. FSCO is accountable to the Minister of Finance.




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Is Ontario Steel Too Big to Fail?




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November 4, 2015

Letter to Prime Minister Trudeau from the USW.  To view click here

Letter to Premier Wynne from the USW.  To view click here



Court Ruling Validates Overhaul of Discredited Investment Canada Act


TORONTO, 20 May 2015 – The need to overhaul the discredited Investment Canada Act has been reconfirmed by a court ruling that keeps Canadian families and communities in the dark about a secret deal between the federal government and U.S. Steel. 

“This decision further underscores how this legislation has been abused by successive Liberal and Conservative governments to benefit foreign multinationals at the expense of Canadian families and communities,” said Ken Neumann, National Director of the United Steelworkers (USW).

“The judge in this case confirmed that it is reasonable and potentially beneficial for Canadian workers and pensioners to have access to details of the secret deal between the government and U.S. Steel,” Neumann noted.

“However, the judge’s hands are tied because the act allows the government and foreign investors to keep the public in the dark about these secret deals. It’s time to overhaul this legislation to defend the rights and interests of Canadian workers and communities.”


Canada’s Conservative government struck a secret deal with U.S. Steel in 2011. The government then dropped its legal challenge of U.S. Steel's broken commitments – made under the Investment Canada Act – on production and employment levels at its operations in Hamilton and Nanticoke.


As part of the U.S. Steel bankruptcy protection case now underway, the USW petitioned the Ontario Superior Court to unseal the 2011 secret deal.


The USW argued it is crucial that details of the secret deal be provided to key stakeholders in the bankruptcy protection case, particularly the thousands of pensioners and workers whose pensions and jobs are in limbo. The City of Hamilton made the same request.


The union and the city told the court they "require disclosure of the settlement agreement at this time to be able to participate meaningfully and effectively in the (bankruptcy protection) negotiations and discussions that are currently underway."

In his ruling released yesterday, Superior Court Justice Herman Wilton-Siegel stated the union’s request “is reasonable and understandable.”

However, the judge said he cannot override Investment Canada Act provisions, particularly since the federal government and U.S. Steel insist on keeping the deal secret.

“The court has no authority to override these provisions regardless of its views as to the potential benefits of disclosure in the present circumstances,” the judge said. 

“This is another condemnation of Conservative and Liberal governments that have used the Investment Canada Act to benefit foreign corporations while treating Canadian pensioners, workers and their families with contempt,” said Marty Warren, the USW’s Ontario Director. 

“This legislation is supposed to guarantee a ‘net benefit’ to Canada when foreign corporations take over our natural resources and industries. In reality, there is a net disregard for Canadian jobs, workers and communities, while foreign corporations get the benefits,” Warren said.


"It’s clear – to everyone except the federal government and U.S. Steel – that our members, our pensioners and our community deserve to know the details of this secret deal,” said Gary Howe, President of USW Local 1005, representing employees at U.S. Steel's Hamilton operations.


"We don't trust U.S. Steel or this government to do what's best for us and for our community and that distrust has been reinforced once again.”


“It’s outrageous that the federal government is content to preserve legislation that so blatantly favours foreign multinationals while treating Canadian workers and communities with contempt,” said Bill Ferguson, President of USW Local 8782, representing employees at U.S. Steel's Nanticoke operations.


- 30 -


For further information:


Gary Howe, President, USW Local 1005, 905-531-4078, gary.howe@uswa1005.ca

Bill Ferguson, President, USW Local 8782, 905-537-8782, president@uswa8782.com
Ken Neumann, USW National Director, 416-544-5951

Marty Warren, USW Ontario Director, 416-243-8792

Ken Rosenberg, Counsel to USW, 416-646-4304, ken.rosenberg@paliareroland.com
Bob Gallagher, USW Communications, 416-544-5966, 416-434-2221,


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October 9, 2014

CCAA Update

For people wanting to view copies of the Initial Order and other Court Documents which relate to the CCAA proceeding you can access them on the Court appointed Monitors website http://www.ey.com/ca/ussc.


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October 10, 2014

Social Security Tribunal E.I. Appeal Update

The file has been assigned to a member of the Tribunal.  We are still waiting to hear from the Tribunal on how and when they intend to proceed.


September 12, 2014
Social Security Tribunal E.I. Appeal Update
Everyone who is part of the appeal should have received a letter from the Social Security Tribunal.  It could have been either one of the examples listed below.  If you have not received any letter at all from them, please contact Mark Talbot at 519-587-2000 ext. 301.  If I am not available to take the call please leave a detailed message.  We are being told that all the letters have been processed and the docket has been assigned to a member of the Tribunal to be reviewed.


May 14, 2014

Social Security Tribunal

The SST has been sending out the wrong letters, there are two different letters being received by our members.  Please disregard if you receive a letter like this (click here SST Letter).  You do not have to respond to this letter.



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September, 2013

The current Pension Actuarial for the year 2015 was completed in August 2016.

To view the Actuarial click here.



Memorandum of Agreement

The 2013 memorandum that was voted on and accepted by the 57% of the membership is listed below.

To view the Memorandum of Agreement click here



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Email links:

Toby Barrett's Email address is toby.barrett@pc.ola.org

Diane Finley's Email address is  FinleD@parl.gc.ca



This editorial cartoon was in the London Freepress Saturday Nov. 28




The Executive had a meeting April 2012 and voted in the Senior Level Committee to go forward for the next three years.

The Members of the Committee are:

                                                        Executive Positions

Bill Ferguson (Fergy)            President

Mark Talbot                          Vice President

Terry Mckinnon                    Trustee


U.S.Steel Bargaining Unit Pension Agreement

To view information on the Canada Pension Plan click here

Canadian Retirement Income Calculator click here

Stelco Inc. Pension Plans ONTARIO REGULATION 99/06 Click Here to download or

Click Here to Open PDF

Stelco Inc. Notice of Changes Click Here

US Steel Stelco Pension Guarantee Click Here


Jack Layton's final letter to all Canadians, dated Saturday, Aug. 20, 2011, two days before he died:


Dear Friends,

Tens of thousands of Canadians have written to me in recent weeks to wish me well. I want to thank each and every one of you for your thoughtful, inspiring and often beautiful notes, cards and gifts. Your spirit and love have lit up my home, my spirit, and my determination.


Unfortunately my treatment has not worked out as I hoped. So I am giving this letter to my partner Olivia to share with you in the circumstance in which I cannot continue.


I recommend that Hull-Aylmer MP Nycole Turmel continue her work as our interim leader until a permanent successor is elected.


I recommend the party hold a leadership vote as early as possible in the New Year, on approximately the same timelines as in 2003, so that our new leader has ample time to reconsolidate our team, renew our party and our program, and move forward towards the next election.


A few additional thoughts:


To other Canadians who are on journeys to defeat cancer and to live their lives, I say this: please don’t be discouraged that my own journey hasn’t gone as well as I had hoped. You must not lose your own hope. Treatments and therapies have never been better in the face of this disease. You have every reason to be optimistic, determined, and focused on the future. My only other advice is to cherish every moment with those you love at every stage of your journey, as I have done this summer.


To the members of my party: we’ve done remarkable things together in the past eight years. It has been a privilege to lead the New Democratic Party and I am most grateful for your confidence, your support, and the endless hours of volunteer commitment you have devoted to our cause. There will be those who will try to persuade you to give up our cause. But that cause is much bigger than any one leader. Answer them by recommitting with energy and determination to our work. Remember our proud history of social justice, universal health care, public pensions and making sure no one is left behind. Let’s continue to move forward. Let’s demonstrate in everything we do in the four years before us that we are ready to serve our beloved Canada as its next government.


To the members of our parliamentary caucus: I have been privileged to work with each and every one of you. Our caucus meetings were always the highlight of my week. It has been my role to ask a great deal from you. And now I am going to do so again. Canadians will be closely watching you in the months to come. Colleagues, I know you will make the tens of thousands of members of our party proud of you by demonstrating the same seamless teamwork and solidarity that has earned us the confidence of millions of Canadians in the recent election.


To my fellow Quebecers: On May 2nd, you made an historic decision. You decided that the way to replace Canada’s Conservative federal government with something better was by working together in partnership with progressive-minded Canadians across the country. You made the right decision then; it is still the right decision today; and it will be the right decision right through to the next election, when we will succeed, together. You have elected a superb team of New Democrats to Parliament. They are going to be doing remarkable things in the years to come to make this country better for us all.


To young Canadians: All my life I have worked to make things better. Hope and optimism have defined my political career, and I continue to be hopeful and optimistic about Canada. Young people have been a great source of inspiration for me. I have met and talked with so many of you about your dreams, your frustrations, and your ideas for change. More and more, you are engaging in politics because you want to change things for the better. Many of you have placed your trust in our party. As my time in political life draws to a close I want to share with you my belief in your power to change this country and this world. There are great challenges before you, from the overwhelming nature of climate change to the unfairness of an economy that excludes so many from our collective wealth, and the changes necessary to build a more inclusive and generous Canada. I believe in you. Your energy, your vision, your passion for justice are exactly what this country needs today. You need to be at the heart of our economy, our political life, and our plans for the present and the future.


And finally, to all Canadians: Canada is a great country, one of the hopes of the world. We can be a better one ?a country of greater equality, justice, and opportunity. We can build a prosperous economy and a society that shares its benefits more fairly. We can look after our seniors. We can offer better futures for our children. We can do our part to save the world’s environment. We can restore our good name in the world. We can do all of these things because we finally have a party system at the national level where there are real choices; where your vote matters; where working for change can actually bring about change. In the months and years to come, New Democrats will put a compelling new alternative to you. My colleagues in our party are an impressive, committed team. Give them a careful hearing; consider the alternatives; and consider that we can be a better, fairer, more equal country by working together. Don’t let them tell you it can’t be done.

My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world.


All my very best,

Jack Layton


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