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 Wednesday, March 30 2016 (ELECTION RESULTS)  




- John McElroy





RESULTS OF THE April 8TH, 2015, Local and Amalgamates Elections;

Grievance Chair, Local 8782:

       Giulio Cicconi was elected.

Trustees, Local 8782:

       Terry McKinnon was elected.

       Shannon Horner was elected.

       John McElroy was elected.


Pickling Unit Chair:

       Rob Newstead was elected.


H.A.R.S.C.O. Unit Chair:

       John (Rusty) Anderson was elected.


H.A.R.S.C.O Negotiating Committee:

       Brian Johnston was elected.

       Bill Booth was elected.


Local 8782 would like to congratulate the successful candidates  and thank the volunteers who assisted with making the election successful.



Results of the acclamations and elections for Executive and Committees on April 8, 2015


President                     Bill Ferguson

Vice President               Mark Talbot

Recording Secretary         Randy Graham

Financial Secretary          Donna Wingrove

Treasurer                    Giulio Ciccone

3 Trustees                   Terry McKinnon

                               Shannon Horner

                               John McElroy

2 Guards                     Terry Barnard

                               Rick Beale

1 Guide                      Mike Phibbs


Negotiating Committee:

3 Positions                    Bill Ferguson

                               Mark Talbot

                               Randy Graham


Grievance Committee:

Grievance Chair               Mike Phibbs

4 Grievance Committee Positions

                                Terry McKinnon

                                Donna Wingrove

                                Rob Bussey

                                Curt Campbell


Health and Safety:

Co-chair of Health and Safety Committee       

                                Rick Beale


3 Senior Health and Safety Committee Positions

                                Shannon Horner

                                Mark Lombardo

                                John McElroy                          



3 Committee Positions      Rob Bussey

                              Chad Law

                              Mike Phibbs         



Unit Chair - plant 17             John Anderson (Rusty)

Unit Grievor-

Union Steward                                          

Health and Safety Chair         Mike Damota

Health and Safety Rep.          Jim Sutor

Contracting Out                    Jody Hall

                                          Jim Sutor

Training Committee              Chuck Metcalfe

                                          Brian Johnston

Incentive Committee             Brian Johnston

                                          Bill Booth

Negotiation Committee         John Anderson (Rusty)

                                          Bill Booth

                                          Brian Johnston


U.S. Steel Pickling Division

Unit Chair                           Robert Newstead

Unit Grievor                        Mike Schmalz

Health and Safety Chair        Troy Cooper

Union Stewards                     Lee Waldick

                                           Devon Rapley

                                           Mike Jenkins

                                           Dennis Falettal

                                           Glenn Gregory

                                           John Rittenhouse

                                           Troy Cooper

H&S Reps                             John Rittenhouse

                                           Mike Jenkins

                                           Dennis Falletta

                                           Glenn Gregory

                                           Matlon Hill

Accomodation Committee        Dave Lofthouse

                                            Rob Newstead

Grivance Committee                Gerald Lindsay

                                             Peter Jensen

Negotiating Committee           Tim Hines

                                            Troy cooper


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